I think we made a good choice in you guys. If you hadn't noticed that leak we could have had a disaster! Thankfully we'll never know. Everything else looks great too. Appreciated how clean and thorough everything was done and how well you worked with the contractor.

E.V., Palos Verdes

Plumbing Tips

JRoots can be a major problem for older drain pipes under your lawn if you have trees. It is much less expensive to have these pipes checked and cleaned than to back sewage or water up into your home or to replace the drain pipe which is usually three or four feet under ground.

An improperly drained garbage disposer can cause drain water to enter a dishwasher that is connected to the same drain pipe.

Do you think you may have a water leak somewhere on your property? Here's what to do: remove the cover from your water meter, which is usually located outside near the street where the main water line enters your property. A special key can be purchased at a hardware store. It is handy to keep one around. After you remove the lid, you should see the dial of the water meter below. There may be some mud, dirt or debris over it. Make sure all faucets and running water is turned off inside and no toilets are in use. If the dial on the meter is moving any at all, it means water is being used. If everything is off, it could mean you have a leak in a water line. J.B. Plumbing can detect such leaks using special equipment with sensors. Give us a call and tell us your situation. 310-372-6272.

Check overflow valves in toilets to make sure the level in the tank is not too low or too high.

Consider replacing older toilets with new 1.5 gallon flush toilets to save on water without losing performance of the toilet.

Allow the water to run for a few moments after using your garbage disposer, to make sure the material passes into the main drain to help avoid clogs.

Avoid putting shell fish into your garbage disposer.

Get free advice from our Kithchens and Baths plumbing experts before you replace faucets and fixtures. Buying the wrong product for your location can be costly, especially if you are remodelling.